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 Today we live in a fast paced world. From the moment we wake up, throughout the day we almost constantly operate in the ‘fight or fly’ mode. Our jobs are increasingly demanding, days seem too short, time off happens rarely so we find ourselves under a lot of pressure most of the time.

Great majority of us live in cities and away from nature. We tend to spend the day moving from a car or public transport into the office space, maybe a gym in the lunch break (if we are lucky), through a grocery store and back to home where more tasks rather than rest await us.

It seems that everybody is leading these very busy lives so we learnt to accept as a norm the fact we wake up not feeling rested, feel tired throughout our days, that we experience mood swings, feel stressed and anxious at times, deal with brain fog and struggle to concentrate, that we are susceptible to colds and infections, have difficulty shifting weight, experience back pain and migraines …

Yet the world is not slowing down, we are still expected to consistently deliver results at work, we strive for promotion, we dream of expanding our business, we want to earn more money and we simply want to be successful.

We often manage to achieve our goals but we also pay high cost for it: our wellbeing and health get compromised. When we are not well physically mentally we suffer as well, actually everything else gets impacted. We no longer perform at work as well as we used to and things that we worked so hard to achieve seem to be harder to hold on to.

This by no means is a made up worst case scenario, it is a very high probability scenario that results from not taking good care of us. We must be aware that he best time to start looking after your wellbeing was a very long time ago, the next best time is actually NOW.

Pausing where you are at, assessing the state of the key pillars of your wellbeing and implementing small lifestyle changes will put you on the right and healthy track to success and the business will thrive.



My expertise and experience fill me with confidence that simple lifestyle modifications have a very significant impact on our overall wellbeing and performance. My passion and personal mission is to assist companies, entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve greater results at lower overall costs.

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NOW is the best time to make the change. If you want your employees and /or yourself to feel better, to increase focus, make better decisions, take less sick days and to generate a greater quality output work with me. You and / or your employees might be just a workshop away from greater success. Why wait?

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— Maya Angelou