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I had not always been an example to follow in the area of nutrition, fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle. For very many years I lead a very busy corporate life, living in one of the busiest cities on Earth and I travelling on business by plane weekly. It seemed like a good fun at the time but even then deep down I recognised that my health and wellbeing were being affected by this busy lifestyle and not enough self-care. At the same time I had 100% faith in conventional medicine and in moments of any health issues I blindly trusted opinions of conventional doctors, which unfortunately had its consequence after all. Looking back I can see that not lack of time but rather massive lack of knowledge and right inspiration around me were to blame for the sufficient level of self-care.

Increased physical activity including yoga were the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I started taking a lot of interest in healthy diets and finally discovered functional medicine. In the beginning, and before professional qualifications, blogs, publications and books were the source of my knowledge. I then qualified as Personal Trainer, Primal Health Coach and obtained diploma in Advanced Functional Nutrition. Currently I am on my way towards becoming a Naturopath.

Today I understand very well that human body is not made up of separate and independent systems but rather interconnected and interdependent systems that constitute the whole. I know that in case of any health issues we must identify the source and by addressing it focus on ‘uncreating’ the disease. I trust deeply that our health and wellbeing must have solid fundaments such as: healthy diet, physical movement, good sleep and relaxation, reduced volume of toxins in our immediate environment (including water, food & cosmetics), solid relationships, good quality hydration, in some cases supplementation and finally a presence of something we feel passionate about in our lives.  

I learnt from the word's leading experts in health and wellness:

Now as a health coach

My aim and mission is to improve the wellbeing of every woman I work with. Your goals may include: - eating more healthy; - adopting an overall healthier lifestyle; - making better and more informed choices in the grocery shop; - becoming an inspiration and a role model for your kids and loved ones; - losing weight effectively; or supporting your body as it's dealing with a specific health condition. Not only the goals are often unique but also the approach and the path to achieving them is always customised to respect your individuality.

What is involved

'28 days to Better You' coaching program consists of 6 comprehensive sessions. We will begin with very thorough exploration to understand your aims and challenges as this will allow us to set clear goals and co-design the most appropriate action plan. Sessions that follow, amongst other topics, involve grocery shopping consultation and physical movement session. The whole program is very holistic in its approach to improving your wellbeing. It is designed to equip you in all the tools necessary for reaching your goals and creating a lasting change.  

Where do we meet

Depending on your location and preference coaching sessions are conducted in person or via Skype. This is to enable you to easily fit the sessions into your busy schedule and not make it an additional hurdle on the way to 'Better You'.   

Why would you want to embark on this journey

Every woman deserves the best for herself, whatever your personal goal is how you feel will determine your success. Through 'Better You' coaching program I will not judge but support you along the way, offering to share the knowledge in areas where you might be lacking it and helping you regain motivation when it fades away. The tools I use will help to identify the root cause of the problem you are facing, improve your diet and effectively guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and the 'Better You'. My role as a health coach is to empower professional busy women like You to make your wellbeing the priority and your health the most worthy of investments.

If you could have done it by yourself, you probably would have done it by now.
— Pat Williams