Designing a week that will support your wellbeing.

When it comes to taking good care of ourselves it is easy to do it during at the weekends. It is then that you have time to prepare healthy meals, exercise or sleep and relax. However before you know it the weekend is over and Monday is here 😀

To help you design and plan a good week ahead that will promote wellbeing follow these 5 tips ... (if 5 seems too many pick 2 or 3). I promise that you will notice a significant difference in how you feel. πŸ˜‡

1. Nutritious meals - upon waking up have a glass of warm lemon water (add fresh ginger, turmeric & black pepper if you can); try to have a high fat breakfast, include complex carbs and protein. i.e..: a) smoked wild salmon + soft boiled egg + half of avocado; b) chia seeds soaked in coconut or almond milk overnight + tsp of flaxseed + 2 tsp of natural greek yogurt or coconut yogurt, pinch of cinnamon and a big handful of blueberries. This sort of breakfast should keep you full for good 4 hours. Have simple carbs free lunch and dinner, focus on vegetable especially leafy greens, add quality protein and use that extra virgin olive oil. Do have some fruit berries are ideal but banana also has its advantages. Drink warm filtered water throughout the day and some herbal teas. Limit your caffeine intake and avoid coffee after lunch (caffeine stays in your body for c. 8 hours and if you think t doesn't affect your sleep I hate to break bad news to you but research shows that it actually does, your sleep will not be as rejuvenating with caffeine still in your system), drink herbal teas, avoid fruit juices and fruit smoothies - have a fruit instead, the finer in the fruit will slow down the release of sugar and you won't get the insulin spike.

2. Walking and exercising - if you are an early raiser try 30' of exercise (i.e..: ashtanga yoga or strength exercise) after your lemon water and before breakfast. If you prefer to exercise later in the day see if you can incorporate some walking before work? If you choose walking and the sunlight is not blinding try not to wear sunglasses. Try not to exercise too close to your bedtime and if you do make sure you have a cool bath or shower to bring your body temperature down before heading to bed. Avoid chronic cardio it really does wreck havoc on your adrenals.

3. Review your to do list - ideally you don't want to check your emails until after exercise and breakfast. Remember to take care of YOU first work second. Once you are ready to switch over to the work mode have one last glance at your to do list and determine what is the priority for the day, address this first and once new emails start flowing in remember to distinguish urgent from important. By following this approach you will feel calmer and less stressed by the workload.

4. Remember to breath - always remember to breath, not just to keep you alive but to keep you in good form. Set your alarm for every 60' and when it goes off start breathing consciously and deeply all the way to your abdominal. Do 5 to 10 deep breaths: inhale through your nose counting to 4 and exhale through your mouth counting to 6. This method works magic in moments when anxiety hits us. At times when you find your mind wondering in the past or future too much ask yourself this questions: 'am I where my feet are'? ... and breath. Meditate daily if you can even if for just 5-10'.

5. Take care of things that take care of you - no matter how busy the day gets do something special for yourself, something that will nourish your soul and put a smile on your face. Have a coffee with a friend, listen to an inspiring podcast, call someone who always makes you lough, find time for a massage or a relaxing bath in the evening.

Have a happy week ahead :-)