Health Coaching - what matters the most is You.

Health and Wellness coaching is becoming increasingly popular. We are living very busy lives which often translates into lack of time to take a good care of ourselves. Unfortunately, chronic disease is on the rise and the treatment of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyrodism, Hashimoto's or obesity is very limited unless one actively participates in its own healing journey. Health coach also helps a person to take action in time to prevent health issues to occur.

What characterises health coaching is a holistic approach to client. The client is in charge and the role of a health coach is of supportive nature. Trust and cooperation between the two is required for the individual goals and unique wellness coaching process to be defined. This process involves reviewing diet and physical activity as well as sharing knowledge and introducing positive changes into the daily lifestyle routine. Quite commonly people seek help of a health coach once they already attempted making changes on their own but got faced with challenges due to either lack of knowledge or motivation. It's important to note that the role of a health coach is not to judge but rather to effectively motivate the client towards action

To summarise, health coaching offers help in effectively introducing positive and lasting changes which will allow a person to regain and maintain optimal wellbeing.

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